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Water Africa and West Africa Building & Construction Exhibition and Seminars, 26-28 June 2024, Accra, Ghana.
The Water Africa and Wes Africa Building & Construction event is returning to Ghana in 2024 following a successful event held in June 2022. The 2024 event will be held again at the Accra International Conference Centre.









General Information

Water Africa & West Africa Building & Construction 2023 is organized by ACE Event Management, a United Kingdom company with a 30-year record of managing trade and technical events in Africa.

2024 marks 30 years since the first event held in Ghana

This Event is Supported by:
Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources (MSWR)
Ghana Water Company Ltd (GWCL)
Community Water & Sanitation Agency (CWSA)
Ghana Institution of Engineering (GIE)
The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)

Visitors to the exhibition will be primarily:
• Consultants, engineers, contractors, water engineers, government officials, NGOs, and the general business community.
• In addition to the above, the seminar programme will attract representatives of foreign aid and funding agencies and other experts from the objective sectors.


Contact Info

ACE Event Management Ltd
Contact: Colin Shaw
Tel: +44 7475 937937


Local Representative:
ACE Event Management (Ghana)
Contact: Desmond Nartey
Tel: +233 55 630 4521


Seminar Development Director:
Contact: Prof: Bob Andoh


Nigeria Agent

Sam Consulting
Sauel Brown
Tel: +234 803 0635476


The Water Africa and West Africa Building & Construction Exhibition and Seminars is returning to Ghana following a successful event held in June 2022. The 2024 event will be held again at the Accra International Conference Centre.

Water Africa and West Africa Building & Construction 2024 will continue the theme of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene combined with Building Construction. The event will encompass a trade exhibition covering water, sanitation, building and construction equipment and services, with a seminar programme running alongside, tackling subjects which are relevant to these sectors.
Also, in conjunction with the Ghana Institute of Engineers there will be a CPD course conducted by our Seminar Development Director Prof. Robert Andoh.

Country Overview

Ghana is situated on the West Africa Coast and has a population of 39 million. It has a mixed source of income, which is derived mainly from Gold Mining, Oil & Gas extraction, Bauxite mining, Cocoa and a number of other minerals and agricultural exports. Ghana is also a member of the African Continental Free Trade Area.
The African Continental Free Trade Area is an ambitious trade pact to form the world’s largest free trade area by connecting almost 1.3bn people across 54 African countries and is headquartered in Accra, Ghana.
The agreement aims to create a single market for goods and services in order to deepen the economic integration of Africa. The trade area could have a combined gross domestic product of around $3.4 trillion, but achieving its full potential depends on significant policy reforms and trade facilitation measures across African signatory nations.

Economic Overview

Ghana’s rapid economic growth was stalled by the COVID-19 pandemic, the March 2020 lockdown, and a sharp decline in commodity exports. The economy had grown at an average of 7 percent in 2017-19, before experiencing a sharp contraction in the second and third quarters of 2020.
Ghana’s economy is projected to recover over the medium term, thanks to commodity price growth and strong domestic demand. Ghana received $1 billion equivalent in the recent IMF SDRs allocation, part of which will go to support economic recovery. Growth is expected to average 5.1 percent yearly in 2021-23. After declining by 1.7 percent in 2020, real per capita GDP is projected to return to its pre-COVID-19 level in 2021.

Seminar Programme

“WASH, Youth, Gender and Environment: Needs, Solutions, and Progress towards SDGs and AU’s Agenda 2063”

Topics include:

  • Water Conservation and Integrated Water Resources Management
  • Addressing and reducing Non-Revenue Water in water utilities.
  • Sustainability of WASH Projects in Peri-urban and Rural Areas.
  • The Role of the Private Sector in Public-Private Partnerships for WASH.
  • Clean Cities and Green Infrastructure.
  • The Nexus of Water, Sanitation, Health, and Solid Wastes.
  • Innovations in Water and Wastewater Treatment.
  • Climate Change Adaptations, Resilience, and Flooding Challenges.
  • Addressing Water Resource Challenges associated with Artisanal Mining.
  • Leveraging ICT for accelerated developments in the WASH sector.
  • Skills, Youth, and Gender: Bridging the Gap for Developments.
    Sustainable Development Goals and AU’s Agenda 2063.

Why you should Exhibit at Water Africa Ghana 2024

This important event covers the critical issues associated with Water, Wastewater, Sanitation, Hygiene (WASH) and the Environment.
This event is a must for anyone supplying equipment and services to the Water, Wastewater, Sanitation, Hygiene and Environment sectors
Includes a one day Seminar programme which offers the chance for exhibitors to present their products and services to an audience of consultants, engineers, government depts., contractors and the general business community
Who should Exhibit at Water Africa ?
  • Surface water development Dam, pumping station, canal, and pipeline contractors. Mechanical equipment (gates, weirs etc). Construction plant (earthmovers, tunnellers). Lining materials. 
  • Groundwater development Drilling rigs. Submersible borehole pumps. Well screens and linings. Handpumps. Solar and wind pumps. Geophysical investigation services and equipment. Water level and quality monitoring equipment. 
  • Mains distribution & house connections. Pipes, Fittings, Valves and Pumps. 
  • Water treatment plant, including packaged plants. Aeration and agitation equipment. Filtration equipment and media. Disinfection equipment and chemicals.
  • Water treatment plant, including packaged plants. Aeration and agitation equipment. Filtration equipment and media. Disinfection equipment and chemicals
  • Water storage Reservoirs and tanks. Lining systems.
  • Sewerage and urban drainage Sewer and pipe systems. 
  • Manholes and drains. Gully and cesspit emptying and tinkering equipment. Sewer and pipe inspection and safety equipment. 
  • Irrigation and farm drainage. Canal construction and maintenance equipment. Sprinkler systems. Drip systems. Drainage pipes. 
  • Monitoring and instrumentation systems. Telemetry and GIS systems. Radio communications. Billing and accounting equipment. Meter reading equipment. Flow, temperature, and level monitors. Water Quality testing equipment. 
  • Consulting services and training Consulting engineering. University and college courses. National training institutions. Books and publications

Why should you visit Water Africa Ghana 2024

This important event covers the critical issues associated with Water, Wastewater, Sanitation, Hygiene (WASH) and the Environment.
If you are a consultant, engineer, government officer, contractor of a member of the general business community, this event is a must to visit. The entry is FREE
This event has a one day Seminar covering many subjects which are locally and globally recognised as being of great importance to life and the development of the population. The entry is FREE

Conferences and Seminars

The organisational skills of ACE’s Managing Director, Tracey Nolan-Shaw, predate the company, as she was involved in organising a series of water technology conferences in Nairobi in the 1980s.
Since the inception of ACE Event Management, conferences and seminars have been organised in the fields of agriculture, building & construction, commerce and investment, mining, energy, water and sanitation. Events have been held in countries all over Europe and Africa including Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Ghana, Italy, Kenya, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Spain, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
The company’s conference organisational skills cover management of events from start to finish.

  • This encompasses:
    Planning the conference venue and programme and inviting papers or speakers.
  • Hiring the venue, furniture, catering, audio-visual equipment etc.
  • Preparing publicity materials and undertaking direct mailing, advertising and other publicity activities.
  • Seeking and signing-up corporate sponsorship to offset the event costs.
  • Selling conference registrations and collecting registration fees
Liaising with relevant Ministries, trade organisations and NGOs during the build-up to the event to confirm conference topics and obtain mailing lists.
  • Preparation, including editing and printing, of preprints of conference papers.
  • Arrangement of travel and accommodation for delegates and speakers
  • Liaising with Government Ministries, greeting and entertaining Ministers and Heads of State, and undertaking necessary protocol both prior to and during the event
  • Organisation of receptions and dinners during events, and entertainment.
  • Management of the event as it takes place, including provision of necessary personnel, and dealing with post-event payments, clear-up etc.
If the conference is being organised on behalf of a client, the client would be fully involved in prior discussions on all the above.


ACE has organised trade exhibitions and seminars for over 30 years mainly in the development sectors and general trade shows. To the annual Water Africa exhibition, the company added a Building & Construction exhibition. ACE has also organised and marketed an annual trade show alongside the European Desalination Society’s conferences on Desalination & Water Reuse, which in recent years have visited Cyprus, France, Germany, Greehgiertjiobgjegieosipl the UK trade events, the company worked closely with the UK Department of Trade & Industry, the relevant High Commissions, the British Council, and the host Governments.
The EU-COMESA Trade & Investment Exhibition in Zambia in 2000 was a particularly successful event, sponsored by the European Union, and involving national delegations from most of the 19 states of COMESA (the Common Market for Eastern & Southern Africa).


"The Expo helped in introducing our brand in Accra and we've met a lot of potential clients. Looking forward to your next event!"

Karam, Interstyle Ceramics Ghana Ltd


"Thank you very much for your support during the exhibition, it was great time, and we find good prospects during the exhibition"

Salman Salameh, Quantum Industries, Dubai, UAE


"Since 2011 we have been exhibiting at your event. Like all the other years it was a pleasure for me to be there. The venue is great, and your organization was perfect"

Swen Weiner, Herrenknecht, Germany


"A solid first event for KNAUF in Ghana! We enjoyed it and look forward to next year"

Hans Kisseih – Commercial Manager, KNAUF Ghana


"The quality of the selected topics and presenters including the CPD itself was of high standing."

Bonny Rutembesa – Executive Secretary
Institution of Engineers Rwanda


"I found the Rwandan event quite good, especially the first day. Thank you very much for your kindness and your very professional approach and way of work"

Bonny Rutembesa – Executive Secretary
Institution of Engineers Rwanda


"The organization for the exhibition was super and we were able to come out with an immediate sale as well as very good contacts for follow ups."

Ruth Wambui. Wagtech Africa. Kenya


"The event was well planned. We had a chance to share with engineers, architects and other exhibitors on our products. That opportunity opened leads for us that we are following with the view of doing projects in Rwanda."

McDonald Nyabonda
LABS Furniture and Equipment (Pty) Ltd


"Overall, I think the event was great and the choice of speakers were great. The exhibitors were of rich and diverse appeal, which was quite helpful."

Charles Haba - Managing Director. Century Real Estate


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