Water Africa and West Africa Building & Construction Exhibition and Seminars, 26-28 June 2024, Accra, Ghana.
The Water Africa and Wes Africa Building & Construction event is returning to Ghana in 2024 following a successful event held in June 2022. The 2024 event will be held again at the Accra International Conference Centre.









General Information

Water Africa & West Africa Building & Construction 2023 is organized by ACE Event Management, a United Kingdom company with a 30-year record of managing trade and technical events in Africa.

2024 marks 30 years since the first event held in Ghana

This Event is Supported by:
Ministry of Works and Housing
Ghanaian Ministry of Roads and Highways
Association of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors
Association of Ghana Industries – Construction Sector
Ghana Contractors Association Council (GCAC)
Ghana Institute of Architects
Ghana Institution of Engineering (GIE)
Ghana Institute of Planners
Ghana Institute of Surveyors
Ghana Real Estate Development Association
Chartered Institute of Building

Visitors to the exhibition will be primarily:
• Consultants, engineers, contractors, water engineers, government officials, NGOs, and the general business community.
• In addition to the above, the seminar programme will attract representatives of foreign aid and funding agencies and other experts from the objective sectors.


Contact Info

ACE Event Management Ltd
Contact: Colin Shaw
Tel: +44 7475 937937


Local Representative:
ACE Event Management (Ghana)
Contact: Desmond Nartey
Tel: +233 55 630 4521


Seminar Development Director:
Contact: Prof: Bob Andoh


Nigeria Agent

Sam Consulting
Sauel Brown
Tel: +234 803 0635476


The Water Africa and West Africa Building & Construction Exhibition and Seminars is returning to Ghana following a successful event held in June 2022. The 2024 event will be held again at the Accra International Conference Centre.

Water Africa and West Africa Building & Construction 2024 will continue the theme of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene combined with Building Construction. The event will encompass a trade exhibition covering water, sanitation, building and construction equipment and services, with a seminar programme running alongside, tackling subjects which are relevant to these sectors.
Also, in conjunction with the Ghana Institute of Engineers there will be a CPD course conducted by our Seminar Development Director Prof. Robert Andoh.

Country Overview

Small and landlocked, Rwanda is hilly and fertile with a densely packed population of about 13 million people (2021). It borders the far larger and richer Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as its closest East African neighbours, Tanzania, Uganda, and Burundi. Rwanda has recently a forged an agreement with DRC to open a trade corridor to the western seaport of Matadi.
With the support of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, Rwanda has been able to make important economic and structural reforms and sustain its economic growth rates over the last decade. Rwanda has the second fastest economic growth in Africa.

Economic Overview

After rolling with the Covid-19 pandemic’s blows, double-digit growth of 10.3 per cent for 2021 sets the tone for further growth, with the International Monetary Fund projecting that Rwanda will post 7 per cent growth for 2022.
 A nation that just a generation ago tore itself apart in one of the deadliest displays of division is now working towards a common purpose with a conviction of the convert.

At the heart of Rwanda’s approach has been a combination of business-friendly policies, raising the country’s standing in the World Bank’s “Ease of Doing Business” index. Rwanda was ranked 29th in the world and second-best in Africa. There is, indeed, the successful adoption of economic plans to drive development indicators.

The main driver for Rwanda’s next national growth phase is the expansion of critical areas of the economy, including energy, education, finance, tourism, manufacturing, infrastructure, agriculture, and the wide technological application by both businesses and government institutions.

Seminar Programme

“Infrastructure and the Built Environment: Needs, Solutions, and Progress towards SDGs and AU’s Agenda 2063”

Alongside the exhibition, there will be 2-day technical seminar programme, which will be run in cooperation with the Ghana Institute of Engineers and Ghana Institute of Architects. The first day will cover Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Environmental issues, the second day will, cover Building, Construction, Safety, and Infrastructure issues.

A Call for Papers will be issued in March 2024. Anyone wishing to give a presentation must provide an abstract for evaluation. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to give a presentation, but places will be limited. Presentations will be limited to 20-25 minutes.

The programme will provide an ideal opportunity for visitors, delegates, and exhibitors to understand the problems and needs of Ghana and the wider West African community. The seminars also provide an opportunity to deliver information to many delegates from central and local government departments, consultants, architects, engineers, NGOs, and the general business community.

In addition, there will be a CPD course conducted by our Seminar Development Director Prof Bob Andoh. The title and theme of the course will be released in March 2024.

The seminars will be held in the Accra International Conference Centre alongside the exhibition.

Topics include:

• Addressing Housing Deficits through Innovation.
• Affordable/Low-Cost Housing in Low-Income Communities.
• Financing Infrastructure and Mixed Developments.
• The Role of the Public and Private Sectors in Housing.
• Advanced Technologies in Modern Buildings.
• The growth of Green Building Technology, Building Materials, and Practices.
• Health and Safety Considerations and Fire Protection Systems.
• The role of Ethics in Building and Construction Projects.
• Development Control in Urban Areas.
• Smart Homes, Leveraging Big Data and AI in the Built Environment.
• Sustainable Development Goals and AU’s Agenda 2063.
• Skills Gap in the Built Environment – Academia, Professional Practice, and Industry.

Why you should Exhibit at West Africa Building and Construction 2024

This event covers the Building, Construction and Infrastructure sectors, supported by the Institution of Engineers Rwanda and Rwanda Institute of Architects.
This event is a must for anyone supplying equipment and services to the Building, Construction and Infrastructure sectors
This event includes a one day Seminar programme which offers the chance for exhibitors and other interested parties to present their design concepts, products and services which meet the Theme of the seminars, to an audience of consultants, engineers, government depts., contractors and the general business community
Who should Exhibit at West Africa Building & Construction?

If your business falls under one of the categories listed below and you would like to expand your international markets, you should exhibit your products and services.

  • Reinforcing steel products 
  • Formwork and scaffolding 
  • Lifting appliances and conveyors 
  • Cranes, site lifts and other access equipment 
  • Mineral processing equipment 
  • Concrete mixing, batching, and placing equipment. 
  • Earthmoving equipment, including excavators, crawlers, graders, dozers, scrapers and loaders. 
  • Materials handling equipment, forklifts 
  • Tunnelling, drilling, and piling equipment. 
  • Compressors and associated equipment • 
  • Compaction equipment and rollers 
  • Road and pavement construction equipment 
  • Tools and associated materials 
  • Site installations and buildings 
  • Safety equipment and services
  • Quarrying equipment, crushers and building material recycling plant 
  • Instrumentation for control, measurement, and testing 
  • House and commercial building systems 
  • House and commercial building materials and fittings 
  • Plumbing, heating, fire-prevention and ventilation equipment and fittings 
  • Brick and block-making equipment 
  • Paints and surface finishes
  • Window frames and glazing, sanitary ware, tiles and flooring, soft furnishings, kitchen design and equipment, bathroom design and equipment, lighting fittings, security equipment and monitoring,

Why should you visit West Africa Building and Construction 2024

This event covers the Building, Construction and Infrastructure sectors, supported by the Institution of Engineers Rwanda and Rwanda Institute of Architects.

If you are a consultant, engineer, government officer, contractor or a member of the general business community, this event is a must to visit. The entry is FREE

This event has a one day Seminar covering many subjects which are locally and globally recognised as being of great importance to life and the development of the population. The entry is FREE


"The Expo helped in introducing our brand in Accra and we've met a lot of potential clients. Looking forward to your next event!"

Karam, Interstyle Ceramics Ghana Ltd


"Thank you very much for your support during the exhibition, it was great time, and we find good prospects during the exhibition"

Salman Salameh, Quantum Industries, Dubai, UAE


"Since 2011 we have been exhibiting at your event. Like all the other years it was a pleasure for me to be there. The venue is great, and your organization was perfect"

Swen Weiner, Herrenknecht, Germany


"A solid first event for KNAUF in Ghana! We enjoyed it and look forward to next year"

Hans Kisseih, Commercial Manager, KNAUF Ghana


"The quality of the selected topics and presenters including the CPD itself was of high standing."

Bonny Rutembesa, Executive Secretary,

Institution of Engineers Rwanda


"I found the Rwandan event quite good, especially the first day. Thank you very much for your kindness and your very professional approach and way of work"

Bonny Rutembesa, Executive Secretary,
Institution of Engineers Rwanda


"The organization for the exhibition was super and we were able to come out with an immediate sale as well as very good contacts for follow ups."

Ruth Wambui, Wagtech Africa, Kenya


"The event was well planned. We had a chance to share with engineers, architects and other exhibitors on our products. That opportunity opened leads for us that we are following with the view of doing projects in Rwanda."

McDonald Nyabonda, LABS Furniture and Equipment (Pty) Ltd


"Overall, I think the event was great and the choice of speakers were great. The exhibitors were of rich and diverse appeal, which was quite helpful."

Charles Haba, Managing Director, Century Real Estate


“Water Africa has been running for a long time, so it is well established and always brings together all the key players."

Walid Khoury, General Manager, Desalytics  


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